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What kinds of food products are on store shelves?

What kind of food would you like to eat?

We are looking for product testers

We are looking for product testers

Through product testing, new products are manufactured that better match what consumers want.

  • You receive brand new products that you can test yourself, and you respond to questions related to them online from your home
  • The products are either delivered to a pick-up centre in your area or straight to your doorstep
  • We will also randomly award prizes among all the product testers
  • In addition to product tests, the studies may also be online tests or network community surveys


You can decide which studies you want to join for yourself! Your information will never be divulged to third-parties, and you can cancel your membership of our panel whenever you wish. The product testing participants will be randomly selected for each test.

Taste influencer experiences

On our consumer panel, you can take part in product testing and online tests, through which you can influence future food products. At times, the studies can also be conducted in the form of group conversations or network community deep dives into the consumer mindset. A responder will receive a notification in their email if they are invited to participate. There are no binding commitments to becoming a panelist, and the responder may decide for themselves in which studies they wish to participate.

I wholeheartedly recommend joining the Foodwest Consumer Panel!

I have been a Foodwest consumer panel member for several years now. I joined when I came across product testing for an interesting product at my local shopping centre. I’m rarely in a hurry, so I gladly took part in the survey. So far, I have tasted many kinds of products both at home and on the spot. Now and again, you come across products you yourself may want to use, so testing is a great way to encounter new ideas or favourite products.

You can have your voice heard through the consumer panel. It has been nice to see that products have ended up on store shelves in packaging that you yourself have suggested in the study. It gives you the feeling that your choices matter. Some products are so innovative that they go straight on my shopping list: especially the grilled food products that I tasted last time were exceptionally good!


Testing is both easy and pleasant and doesn’t take too much time away from your daily life. Invitations to tests and studies pop up quite infrequently, which helps maintain a sense of interest. The test questions are posed in such a way that it’s easy to give your opinion without spending hours on answering. Usually, testing and answering takes less than half an hour.

Jenni, 29

Oliver, 28

You should join the Foodwest Consumer Panel!

I joined the Foodwest Consumer Panel half a year ago, but I have previously participated in occasional food product surveys in shopping centres.


The consumer panel sounded interesting, and I find it nice to be able to get to influence things this way. As my experiences have been so positive, I have also told my acquaintances about this opportunity.


There is an extremely wide range of products that are tested. I like the fact that you can just pick up the products and take your time testing them at home. You take the forms with you to read beforehand and during testing, before you log your answers online. The testing itself doesn’t take long and you can do it at your own pace within the timeframe you are given.


This has been a pleasant experience, as I have had the chance to influence product development and try new food products. Through the testing, I have found products that I will be using going forward in my daily life.


Foodwest Oy is a Finnish food industry manufacturer serving a variety of food businesses. The primary commissioners are known Finnish industrial companies.

Foodwest upholds utmost confidentiality in handling the responses from its consumer panel. Contact information is never divulged to third-parties or used for direct marketing or sales. We will only send you invitations to participate in our studies. No individual responder’s answers will ever be revealed in the results, and they are not forwarded to the commissioners of the studies.

As a common rule, our studies have something to do with food products. The studies may involve developing or packaging a new product or assessing brand new product ideas. The studies may involve products, their use or different brands of products.

Occasionally. Sometimes there are more studies, sometimes less.

People who participate in product testing will always receive the tested product for free. Additionally, there will be study-specific raffles in which shop gift cards or GoGift.com gift cards will be awarded.

The participants for each study will be randomly selected from our panel members. This means that not everyone will always receive an invitation. However, as a panel member, you will likely receive an invitation in the near future.

Yes, we conduct both product tests and online surveys. You can decide which studies you want to join for yourself.

Usually, the products will be picked up from one of our locations: Near central Tampere, Duo in Hervanta or Kaari in Helsinki. Depending on the product, they may also be mailed to the nearest postal location or delivered to your doorstep. We will inform you of the delivery method for each study, after which you can decide whether you want to participate in the study.

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